Nissan Leaf. Best selling electric car in the World. 

How far I can get?

Nissan Leaf 2015 model has a 152 km ( 95 miles) range from a 100% charge (Long-Distance Mode charging), while the range drops to 120 km (75 miles) for an 80% charge (Long-Life Mode charging). 

How can I charge my Leaf?

This video will show you how to charge Leaf. Remember! most electric cars are charged these ways! 


Can I charge my Leaf for FREE?

Charging Nissan Leaf is free when you use Nissan dealer's, Ecotricity or Source London charging points network. However to use Ecotricity or Source London charging points you need to became their member. Ecotricity membership is FREE.

Source of London membership costs ONLY £5. Other providers such Charge Master, Charge Your Car or Polar charges for using their charging points and for their membership. However the cost is low.

For instance charging your Leaf from 0 to 80% using Charge Your Car Network, you will be charge approximately £3. Their membership is FREE. However to use their service you need to top up your account with £20. Additional £20 applies for a magnetic card, which you can use to activate a charger. You do not need to have the card as you can begin/finish charging using the Charge Your Car App.      


How much does Leaf cost?

£15,790 on the road price includes VAT 2011 rate of 20% and £5000 government incentive.

You can find more about NISSAN LEAF ownership models visiting official Nissan UK website.  


Why is worthy to get Nissan Leaf? Watch this video !



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