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How far I can get?

The 60 kWh electric vehicle battery was rated to deliver 230 miles (370 km), while an 85 kWh battery was rated at 320 miles (510 km), assuming a constant speed of 55 mph (89 km/h).

In 2012, the EPA range for the 60 kWh battery pack model is 208 mi (335 km) and the 85 kWh battery is 265 miles (426 km).



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 How can I charge my Tesla?

TESLA Superchargers

Tesla Superchargers provide 170 miles of range in as little as 30 minutes, which is more than twice as fast as the leading public charging station. Charging Tesla by one of the Superchargers is Free!

RAPID Chargers

You can use Public Direct Current Stations (CHAdeMO). They called Rapid Chargers

To use Rapid charging stations, you will need a CHAdeMO adapter (optional) and Supercharging enabled on your Model S. The adapter is available as aftermarket accessory via Tesla service centres.

RAPID chargers can charge with 50 kW (85 miles range per half hour charging).

SLOW public chargers

The majority of public charging stations have a Type 2 socket. A Type 2 cable can be ordered as an aftermarket accessory via a delivery specialist or Tesla service centre. Some charging stations will also offer a domestic socket. A 3 pin domestic adapter for the Mobile Connector comes as standard. 

Typically you will need a RFID card or app to unlock the charging stations. You will receive a card for access from POD Point with your delivery. According to Tesla official website " Most charging stations in the UK will provide 7 kW which adds 20 miles of range per hour. However, the charging rate can be as low as 8 miles up to 68 miles per hour (with dual chargers), depending on the available power of the station". 


Tesla Autopilot

Tesla car can collect you from your door step. You do not need a chauffeur anymore. TESLA new software Version 7.0 allows Tesla automatically to steer down the motorway, change lane and adjust speed to the traffic. It is possible as TESLA Model S is equipped with ultrasonic sensor, cameras and radar. Tesla will be able to change lane for you once its speed accedes 65 mph.

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Running cost 

Charging Tesla is free when you use Tesla Superchargers,  Ecotricity or Source London charging points. However to use Ecotricity or Source London charging points you need to sign up to their membership programme. However Ecotricity membership is FREE.

Source of London membership costs ONLY £5. Other providers such Charge MasterCharge Your Car or Polar charges for using their charging points and for their membership. However the cost is low.

For instance charging your Tesla from 0 to 80% using Charge Your Car Network, you will be charge approximately £6. Their membership is FREE. However to use their service you need to top up your account with £20. Additional £20 applies for a magnetic card, which you can use to charge your car. You do not need to have the card as you can complete charging using the Charge Your Car App.      


How much does Tesla cost?

Price of new Tesla starts from £51,900. Find out more about cost of new and second hand Tesla cars clicking the button below. 



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